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Hermannia cuneifolia

Hermannia cuneifolia

geel pleisterbos

Small shrub (15-90 cm). Erect or spreading; much branched. Sparsely or densely covered in small pitted scales (lepidote-stellate). Tapered or oval shaped leaflike-appendages (stipules) attached to petioles. Leaves crowded together on short petioles (fascicled). The leaf blades are dark gray green, wedge-shaped (cuneate), folded length-wise (conduplicate) and toothed at the apex (crenate). Bears flowers on a raceme of secund (arrangend on one side only) cymes on terminal branchlets. Bracts on nodes below flowers. The calyx is bell-shaped. Flower petals are yellow to orange, with both colours present on the same individual; narrowed at base with inrolled margins.

Distribution in the Hex

Sandy flats in De Doorns Sandstone Fynbos vegetation and possible Hex River Arid Alluvium Fynbos.


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