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Euphorbia mauritanica

Euphorbia mauritanica


Succulent perennial shrub up to 2 m. Much-branched. Smooth yellow green branches containing poisonous latex (milky sap). Short leaves quickly fall away. Bears clusters of false flowers (cyathia). Each cluster comprises a central male cyathium surrounded by five bisexual cyathia. A cyathium comprises a central reduced female flower (only an ovary and pistil, no petals) surrounded by a couple of reduced male flowers (single anther on single stem, no petals) and petal-like nectar glands.

E. mauritanica is a host of the unusual underground parasitic plant Hydnora africana (jakkalskos).

Distribution in the Hex

Stony clay slopes of De Doorns Renosterveld Karoo, transitioning into De Doorns Sandstone Fynbos.